J.L. Brissette History


For 100 years, J.L. Brissette has been winning the hearts of the Laurentian community by offering a line of refreshing, top quality popular drinks. J.L. Brissette is more than just a mom-and-pop franchise. It’s a family business that has continually invested in the local community. J.L. Brissette has seen its operations grow steadily, with a thriving reputation that is second to none. In fact, J.L. Brissette is proud to carry the distinction of being one of the first companies to open in Sainte-Agathe.




Partners of J.L. Brissette Ltd 100th anniversary


150, rue des Bâtisseurs Ste-Agathe-des-Monts (Québec) J8C 3X8
(819) 326-3263 • 1 800 461-3263