Bottling up

Coca-Cola announces that it is changing the flavour of its most popular drink, and J.L. Brissette experiences difficulties in meeting the stringent bottling demands of its partner. Faced with having to dramatically overhaul its complete equipment, J.L. Brissette decides to get out of the bottling business, instead focussing on the sales and distribution of its products, much to the joy of consumers.


Marking 80 years of service

A special ceremony is hosted by the Sacré-Coeur priests to mark 80 years of J.L. Brissette and to remember Jean-Louis Brissette, the visionary who launched the successful company.  


Changing of the guard

Sylvain Labelle is named J.L. Brissette’s new general manager. He is the grandson of Jean-Louis Brissette.


Venturing into fresh waters

J.L. Brissette and Everest team up to create a distribution company for spring water exclusively welled in Quebec. This partnership proves to be lucrative for J.L. Brissette, as the spring water industry is booming.


Bringing J.L. Brissette to a higher level

J.L. Brissette is riding the wave of success as Sylvain Labelle officially takes ownership of the company while still serving as president and general manager, but adding another title to his duties, as head of management.


Sylvain Labelle began working at J.L. Brissette as a young man, slowly climbing the lowest ranks, assigned to several positions in the factory before moving on to management. A guy who is never afraid to get his hands dirty, and someone with a colourful character, he is the ideal man to lead the company.


Fizzing out

Coca-Cola decides to revamp its Canadian distribution system and puts an end to its previous arrangement with licensed, individual contractors, such as J.L. Brissette.


Time for a re-launch

J.L. Brissette faces tough times, but its leaders dig deep, and with determination and hard work, decide to restructure the company with a big re-launch. The move pays off big time, with new areas to serve, which allows its volume to triple to 1.6 million cases of drinks annually. This also means that J.L. Brissette now serves a quarter of Quebec’s territory.


A century of dedicated service

With 100 years under its belt, J.L. Brissette has successfully weathered just about every high and low in the business, by diversifying and building up its line of products and firmly believing in the full potential of its exceptional team to get the job done.

Today, J.L. Brissette distributes 120 soft drinks, bottle water, fruit juice and other famous drinks. The company employs 55 people, of which several have dedicated decades of loyal service to the company. J.L. Brissette is proud to count on many loyal partners who have stood by the company to reach new summits and to remain a true example of hard work bringing in rewards.

The future belongs to J.L. Brissette

Jean-Louis Brissette’s vision and his work are still very much alive. A street and a building proudly carry his name, and the local Chamber of Commerce has created a prize in his name – the Prix Jean-Louis Brissette – that honours community involvement and continuity. J.L. Brissette is a proud member of the Sainte-Agathe community, and continues to be a jewel in the eyes of its residents. The company distributes quality products and is proud to sponsor cultural, social and sports events. J.L. Brissette is proud to be a citizen of Sainte-Agathe – a town it adopted all those years ago and one it intends to embrace for many years to come.

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