On the road to continued success

Route 11 is finally opened in the winter for J.L. Brissette’s delivery
truck drivers, thanks to the tireless determination of Jean-Louis Brissette.

There’s no business like snow business...

Despite insurmountable odds and stubborn politicians, Jean-Louis Brissette makes a bet with the priest of the local parish that he and a group of businessmen will successfully remove snow that is blocking part of Route 11 that links Sainte-Agathe to Saint-Jérôme. They use makeshift snow removal equipment, including shovels, horses and carts, and Brissette almost loses his shirt as a result of this ambitious endeavour. In the end, however, he succeeds, and shows local politicians (who had refused to clear the road) that Route 11 must be accessible in the winter to keep businesses moving. Brissette ends up winning the bet with Bazinet, the priest, and walks away with his prize – two bottles of wine. The following winter, the Quebec government assigns the Route 11 snow clearing contract to a private firm.



Passing of the torch

J.L. Brissette’s brewing division is now under the reliable hands of
Jean-Louis Brissette’s nephew Gauthier and his foster son Arthur Murchison.


Arthur Murchison takes over control of J.L. Brissette between 1954 and 1967.


Saying farewell to a legend

The local community joins the Brissette family in a packed church in Sainte-Agathe to say goodbye to Jean-Louis Brissette, who has passed away. Clients, friends and dignitaries from Montreal and Toronto also attend the solemn funeral.


Distribution is on the rise

J.L. Brissette continues on its path of success, with the annual distribution of 280,000 cases of 24 bottles.


A street with a new name

The Town of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts announces the official naming of Brissette Street – site of the new Coca-Cola plant that accommodates J.L. Brissette’s new sales office and loading dock.

150, rue des Bâtisseurs Ste-Agathe-des-Monts (Québec) J8C 3X8
(819) 326-3263 • 1 800 461-3263