A second passing of the torch

It’s the year of Expo ’67, and Claude Liboiron becomes the new general manager of J.L. Brissette.


As the company’s accountant for many years, Claude Liboiron brings with him a sense of renewed vision, while remaining loyal to the roots and foundations of J.L. Brissette. He proves to be a truly energetic leader.


A new partnership is born

J.L. Brissette announces its partnership with Schweppes. This means that J.L. Brissette now produces
and distributes 45 brands of up to 80 different high quality and popular drinks.


J.L. Brissette delivers the goods

Equipped with a fleet of 14 vehicles, J.L. Brissette delivers 100 different types of drinks – various formats and tastes, with 75% of its products bottled at its plant in Sainte-Agathe. The company sees its annual profits climb to more than $3 million, ranking it first in Canada, based on a per capita basis.

A loyal leadership

J.L. Brissette’s management is composed of Jean-Louis Brissette’s big family and other loyal accomplices, including Claire-Brissette, president and wife of Jean Louis, Jocelyne Brissette-Labelle, manager and daughter of Jean-Louis, Jean-Pierre Labelle, vice-president and son-in-law of Jean-Louis, Jacques L’Orange, secretary and trust accountant, Claude Liboiron, general manager and treasurer, and manager Pierre Favreau.


A new distribution, a new taste

J.L. Brissette is selected to distribute A&W’s famous root beer throughout the Laurentian region.
This partnership brings a new, popular flavour to the company’s stock of popular drinks.


Turning 75

J.L. Brissette may be turning 75, but the company remains one of the most dynamic and successful in the region. Always innovating to better meet the needs of its clients, J.L. Brissette is definitely one of the most cherished corporate citizens in the community, tapping on its reliability and the successful sale of its quality products.

J.L. Brissette in numbers

J.L. Brissette employs 26 persons full time, but that number climbs to 40 during peak periods, and serves 1,000 clients. Each year, the Sainte-Agathe company delivers 650,000 cases of 24 bottles to clients in a territory spanning from Saint-Jovite to Shawbridge (Prévost).

150, rue des Bâtisseurs Ste-Agathe-des-Monts (Québec) J8C 3X8
(819) 326-3263 • 1 800 461-3263